Tuft and Needle Queen Mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is more about your overall health than it is about your beauty sleep. A lot of people like to feel relaxed when they lay down but your overall health detrimentally suffers if you suffer from a lack of sleep or get poor quality sleep. This is why your mattress selection needs to consist of something that adheres to your needs. We understand that everyone has different specifications and some people prefer hard mattresses for their backs while some people prefer to sleep on a fluffy cloud.

The Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress is a prime example of quality and while the price tag almost threw us off a bit, we had to get our hands on it to test it out and give it a thorough review. The first thing we noticed was how well the mattress fit on the box spring we had and how well it adjusted. It was almost like there wasn’t a box spring at all and we prefer something with a soft fluffy feeling, so this mattress was perfect for us to give a test drive. So, why is this mattress one of the highest reviewed mattresses on online eCommerce website and why is it so highly regarded as one of the best?

The foam material of this mattress is something called adaptive foam, which is developed by Tuft & Needle. While it can be regarded as a memory foam, it’s being marketed as something that’s softer and even more supportive than memory foam. From our experience, it’s very supportive and has an excellent memory, which mean it will bounce back to your original form without any incident or caving in.


We didn’t have too many doubts about the overall durability of this mattress because when we noticed that this mattress came with a 10 year warranty without any gimmicks attached, we know that Tuft & Needle has to mean business. No sane company would offer a 10 year warranty on a product that they didn’t know was top notch, right? The foam material in the bedding is extremely soft to the touch but it isn’t as easily pushed in as you might think it is. The foam is what’s called memory which means that when you’re laying down, it will bounce back to its original form when you get up.

For couples, the overall durability of the foam material used in the mattress is great because you won’t disturb your sleeping partner when you get up. If you have to get up in the middle of the night or you want to sneak out late to go hang out with the boys, your significant other won’t notice as the material doesn’t bounce, squeak or even move when you move. It has a localized bounce material included and the material is very cool to the touch. It remains cool after a long night sleep and won’t leave you with morning sweats when you wake up.


The comfort is next to none, one of the best and most comfortable mattresses we’ve ever laid on. The overall comfort level of the mattress is extraordinary and we wish more bedding material was made like this. The modern level of design and support featured in this mattress is next to none, one of the best we’ve ever experienced. First, we were impressed by the sinking feeling you get when laying down on the adaptive memory foam material. It seems like you’re sinking into a cloud without actually sinking.

While it’s hard to get out of due to the overall level of comfort, it’s actually relatively easy to roll out of bed with ease, unlike some beds that sink in like a bean bag chair and then it’s hard to pull yourself out of them. The mattress is made locally in the USA and not made with cheap overseas materials that is marketed as high quality. The quality of the Mattress you’re getting, is with USA products and production materials. Also, the cool feeling of the mattress stays cool, so you can get a nice long night of sleep without that warm mattress feeling in the morning.

Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

Features of the Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

Top Rated – We feel it’s worth mentioning that this mattress is one of the most top rated mattresses of all time on various eCommerce sites. It was rated as the best in 2016 and continues to remain the top rated in 2017 as well. There’s several reasons for this and we can get into all of them, but we believe that it’s the overall quality of the material that gave it the deserved title of best selling mattress.

Adaptive Foam – One of the main things we look for when we’re trying to find a mattress to review is the foam material and how adaptive the material is. What exactly does adaptive foam mean? This means, that when you lay down and if you have to get up for any reason, the foam material will bounce back and that the material will come back to its original shape before you laid down in the first place. This is called adaptive or a bounce back.

USA Manufactured – If you’re always concerned about cheap overseas materials being used in your products or where products are manufactured, no need to be worried because this mattress is proudly manufactured in the USA by Tuft & Needle.

Excellent Warranty – You’ll struggle to find an unrivaled warranty in this industry on any kind of product out there. How many beds can you find a 10 year warranty on that guarantees the solid quality of the product and your sleep? If you’re still hesitant, Tuft & Needle even offers a 100 night sleeping trial to help you decide if this is something for you or not. Tuft & Needle has even reported that almost 100% of their customers decide to keep their mattress after the 100 day sleeping trial is up and a lot of them even refer the mattress to others as well.


  • There’s absolutely no risk and there’s no reason to feel like you’re locked into a purchase decision with this mattress, as they have a 100 day sleeping trial with the product

  • Tuft & Needle was ranked as one of the best and most trusted producers of mattresses in the USA and all of their products are proudly made right here in the USA

  • The bouncing breathable adaptive material of the bed is made to bounce back to its original form after you’ve been laying down on it, meaning the bed won’t cave in after a prolonged period and you can rely on the shape of the bed to retain itself

  • The mattress has a cool feeling that retains all through the night, even on hot nights, which help reduce those morning hot flashes or sweats that some people experience


  • The mattress is very soft and fluffy, so if you’re someone with a bad back or someone who prefers a hard mattress, this won’t be for you

FAQ  ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much does this mattress weight?

A: The specific product dimensions of this mattress are as follows: The mattress comes in at 60 inches by 80 inches by 10 inches in height. Then, the approximate weight of the mattress is 70 pounds, which seems rather heavy but there’s a lot of packed foam material inside the mattress.

Q: Does this mattress fit heavy people?

A: Absolutely. Whether you’re over 6 feet tall or weigh over 300 pounds, this mattress will fit you just fine and you’ll have no trouble getting a comfortable night’s rest on this mattress.

Q: What’s the catch to the 10 year warranty?

A: Absolutely none. There is no catch, gimmicks or tricks up the sleeves of Tuft & Needle. They offer a 100 night sleep trial to help you make a purchase decision and if you like it, there’s a 10 year warranty on the bed.


So, when examining the Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress, a lot of people want to know if it’s worth the price tag, because it can seem like quite a lot to pay for a mattress. However, there’s a lot of things to overlook here because the price tag is definitely worth it in our opinion. First, the overall level of quality and comfort you’ll experience while sleeping is worth it alone but there’s also several reason to avoid cheap mattresses.

When you get a cheap mattress, the frame and the foam is going to deteriorate rather rapidly over time the more you sleep. This mattress was built to last for decades to come and may possibly be the last mattress you ever purchase. It’s one of the best products we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing and we hope you’ll give the mattress a shot too because it’s completely risk free with the 100 night sleeping trial. The adaptive memory foam does have a tendency to make people sleep in late, so make sure you have a loud alarm.